Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week o Fun

Steve took the entire week off last week and we decided that we would plan something everyday so we could make the most of Christmas. It was so much fun and made it that much harder for Steve to go back to work this past Monday. We made some great memories and took some fabulous pictures. Here's our week in review

Saturday Dec 19: Went and saw Princess and the Frog. Loved it
Sunday Dec 20: Gee Family Christmas party. Wonderful
Monday Dec 21: Saw Christmas Carol. It was good, a bit too spooky for Sophie
Tues Dec 22: Made homemade ornaments and went on the Polar Express to meet Santa. A late night but worth it
Wed Dec 23: Sledding. Mikayla LOVED it, I think I burned 2,000 calories walking back up the hill once with Mikayla and sled in tow
Thur Dec 24: Christmas Eve with the Handys
Fri Dec 25: Christmas day. The best one of my life. Mikayal was so much fun and loved everything about it.
Sat to Sun: Up at the cabin with my mom and dad. Day full of sledding, snowman making and snowmobiling.

Mikayla got a princess outfit from Santa and she wears it EVERYDAY, it's so cute

Christmas Eve present, PAJAMAS!


On the Polar Express meeting Santa

Our Dough Ornaments

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diaries of a Potty Trainer

Day 8

It's been more than a week since we've started this journey and so far so good. Mikayla has gone pee pees in the big potty everyday since we've started. She LOVES her potty chair. In fact, the hardest part about the whole process is that she wants to stay on it all day. She gets frustrated when she has just gone to the bathroom and can't get more out. So, she has started bringing books with her to the bathroom and will "read" until more comes out. I know we have a long road ahead of us until she is fully potty trained, but I like this beginning so far.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potty Training

It wasn't in my plans to start Mikayla on potty training so early, but she had other plans. For the past couple of days, she has been asking about her own "special potty" so tonight we went as a family so she could pick out her own chair. She chose a pink girly toilet chair and as soon as we got home, she asked me to take it out of the box. I thought it would be a milestone to have her just sit on the chair with her clothes on, so she could get used to the idea. I was very surprised when she starting pulling her pants off and was acting like she wanted to do the real thing. So, we set her on the chair, let her sit until she didn't want to sit anymore and imagine my surprise when she stood up and there was pee inside! I was so proud of her! I yelled to Steve and of course we took pictures, gave her a treat and made the biggest deal out of it. Currently she is in the bathroom sitting on the chair, hoping for another chance to get such a reaction from us. Hopefully this pattern continues, it will be nice to have only one child in diapers.

Instead of posting the "real" picture, I took another one of her in her diaper. You get the idea...