Friday, January 14, 2011


When we got back from our cruise, we decided to move Sophie in with Mikayla, because they had spent a week together in the same room on the boat and did great. It's been a week and the transition has been a dream. They don't talk to each other, they both sleep until 7:30 and Mikayla loves having Sophie in with her and told me on the second day, "Mommy? I like sleeping with Sophs." Those two are the best of friends, I love it.

It still kills me, though, to see a tiny little girl in a huge twin bed. Sophie could get lost in that bed, but she seems to like all the room. I'm loving it because now I can focus on the nursery and get it all ready for Kedzie! Less than 100 days! Crazy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Island Get away

Our family has been greatly blessed over the past few months, and because of a tender mercy of the Lord, we were able to go on a 7 day Disney Cruise to the Caribbean last week. We left on the 29th of December (our 4 year Anniversary) and came back on January 6. We were able to go with all of Steve's family and we had so much fun. Nothing beats laying on a beach in the middle of January with 80 degree weather while everyone back home is freezing in 5 degree weather!
Here are some pics of our adventure:

New Year's Eve

Snow Whites

Running down Goofy for a hug

Mickey Pool on the top deck

Sisters walking the boardwalk

Chillin on the Beach

St. Maarten

Castaway Cay

St Thomas

Pirate Night-Pirates IN the Carribean