Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love Surprises! (for the most part)

Today I had my first prenatal appointment, which is always a joy. I was expecting to have my Dr. confirm that I was about 13 weeks along and that I still had a while to go. However I was pleasantly surprised that when he measured me he informed me that I was bigger than 13 weeks along and that he thought I was more like 17! It is so amazing, in the blink of an eye an entire month of my pregnancy has passed. I'm already out of my 1st trimester! We made an appointment for Monday for an ultrasound to confirm my due date, so we should also be able to find out what we are having. I seriously feel like I just won the lottery. 1 month of pregnancy, GONE! Instead of having a baby shrimp right now (the size of a baby at 13 weeks), I am having a baby bell pepper