Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Mikayla is the BEST big sister. She loves Sophie so much and always wants to share with her, and if she spits up, Mikayla will grab a rag and wipe up her face. She gives her her binkie when she's crying, and kisses her when I ask her, "Do you love Sophie?" Well, the other day, I noticed she was bringing a lot of her toys out of her room and I was wondering what she was planning on doing with them. One by one, she piled them on top of Sophie until all that was left was a tiny head, looking at me with eyes that were pleading for help. I had to take a picture before I came to her rescue. What cute girls.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What else would this blog be but Halloween?

One thing I love about Blogging and Facebook, is that the day or two after a Holiday, everyone is posting and writing about the same thing. So in keeping with the expectations here is a run down of our Halloween:

I love the way the skeleton is staring at Sophia

Both girls were Winnie the Pooh. Mikayla was a Pooh Bear with a pumpkin stomach and Sophia was a Pooh Bear Sunflower

Mommy and Mikayla (I'm just a basketball player, not very creative)

Steve and Mikayla (Steve had a costume contest at work and won $100 dollars for his costume) Go Jack Sparrow

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Mikayla LOVED trick or treating. She kept up with the big kids (we went with my brother and sister's kids) and stayed out for an hour and a half and she carried her bucket the entire time. Each time we asked her if she wanted to go back, or if she wanted us to carry the pumpkin, she would absolutely refuse. Here's a picture with her bounty:

When we got home Steve and I made pumpkin cookies, had hot chocolate in spooky skeleton mugs and watched Something Wicked this Way Comes. A great ending to a great night!